Error in asNamespace(ns) : not a namespace

Triggered in R package, where /R folder contains non-functions, scripts or code that should not be executed.

This app written in R makes a map from Strava data with all the stops along the way. It can be used to find an optimal path for commuting as it highlights the stops that you make at traffic signals, for example. 

The project can be forked on GitHub: 

With abundant data, graphing has become an essential to represent the data. Besides ggplot2, there are tools from BBC. Some good examples are given on the "You can replicate almost any plot with R"

Many books that are published on R are also freely available online at If authoring a book in R, then use the bookdown package.

A longer description is available on


A Python alternative would be Sphinx. Here is an example on statistical physics.

Sometimes it is convenient to have the data in the same file as the computation in R. Further complications arise that text files often have irregular number of columns or empty columns. Reading such data with read.table() into R is accomplished in the following way:

r = read.table(sep='\n', stringsAsFactors = FALSE,
text = "ORDER DATE
# get all the dates
The text can then be parsed separately and saved in a data.frame() object.